Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Lose the Baby Weight NOW: A Food Diary


Weighted myself yesterday- 127. Which is freakin amazing because I have been eating like pure shit lately. Just no other word for it. which my husband was kind enough to also point out to me. (Thanks, hon.)

According to those in my office, I know about all the great food places. This is where I think working for the local food magazine gives me a serious disadvantage. How can I eat “right” when I know of too many good places to go? I think this is why I lost weight when I lived in Athens and Statesboro- I didn’t know the good places to go! Oh well.

I have an idea, to team up with the vegan writer for the magazine and go on a journey together for like a week- to tyr vegan foods with her and let her write about it. See if she can tame the wild, red meat eating cake devouring beast (ie: me). I think I’ll email her today….

Wish me luck!

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