Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Vegan Experiment: Days Three and Four

Can't remember where I left off.... but yesterday had FOJ again for lunch and broccoli and black eyed peas for dinner. Attempted a Boca veggie burger. Even after drowning it in ketchup I couldn't finish it. I guess it's an aquired taste. Yuck.

Today- soy Starbucks and Nature whatever bar for breakfast.

Lunch- Today I broke. Went to Let's Do Lunch and they were out of the Roasted Red Bell Pepper soup. So I broke and had a chicken salad sandwich. But I felt odd afterwards, I think because I had made it for a few days as a vegan. Took a few hours to feel right. Oh well.

Back on track at dinner, broccoli and black eyed peas again.

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